What is the body fat standard for women? 3 Essential Fat Loss Concepts for Effective Weight Loss|Weight/Body Fat Standards|Updated 2023

What is the body fat standard for women?

The answer is that there is no standard answer, but the Nuli team recommends a healthy range of 20-25% body fat for girls, and too much or too little body fat can have some negative effects on the body!

Now, we no longer use “body weight” as an indicator of how fat or thin a person is, but rather “body fat percentage”! Many girls look very thin, do you think they are very healthy? The answer is not necessarily yo, because many people look very thin, but in fact, very little muscle mass, body fat ratio is relatively high, if so, is the typical “puffy people” in fact is not a healthy type!

What is the recommended health standard for a woman’s body fat percentage?

The answer is that there is no standard answer, and it varies with age, but the Nuli team recommends a healthy range of 20-25% body fat for girls, and too much or too little body fat will have some negative effects on the body!

  • Too much body fat: 27% or more

High body fat increases the risk of chronic disease, which also  increases the risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke.

  • Low body fat: 17% or less

Could affect hormones, which might lead to irregular periods, missed periods, or emotional instability

To make body fat in the right range, in addition to a better looking physique, more importantly, to have a healthier body!

How can you effectively build muscle and reduce fat?

Concept 1: Calorie Deficit

Calorie Deficit = Calories consumed > Calories taken in per day

However, not you eat less calories, it will be effective fat loss. In fact, eating less will be thin, but you can be unhealthy thin! If the calorie intake is too low, protein intake and do not pay attention to, you may lose most of the muscle rather than fat!

How to eat less healthy?

Prototype food is the most important, balanced diet is the key! If the daily calorie intake will be less, but eat all the desserts, fried foods and other unhealthy sources of food, in fact, is a greater burden on the body yo!

Concept two: to develop the habit of exercise

If there is no exercise, only rely on diet, it is likely to be thin without lines, or thin to the muscle, there is no way to achieve the effect of muscle gain and fat loss at the same time! Regular resistance training, so that the muscle can receive stimulation, muscle growth, physical changes will occur, will allow you to slim compact, slim good-looking!

How many times a week resistance training?

At least 3 times a week of resistance training, will be very helpful to improve the effect of fat loss, if you want to make the effect more obvious, then you can add cardio! The choice of resistance training, unarmed weights, levers, dumbbells or gym equipment are very good choices!

Don’t know how to start with resistance training? You can start with the Nuli app’s unarmed training plan, which will help you set up a weekly exercise routine!

Concept 3: Drink plenty of water

Yes, plain water, even unsweetened coffee or tea, cannot replace the importance of water, our bodies need to be hydrated to maintain body metabolism!

Getting enough water can also reduce edema! If you don’t have enough water for a long time, it will actually produce edema!

The most important advice to everyone, a good physique, in addition to looking good, more importantly, you will get a healthy lifestyle!

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