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Unlocking the Golden Week of Menstrual Weight Loss: Shedding 2 Kilos Extra! Understanding Menstrual Cycles for Effective Weight Management

Before menstruation, the secretion of estrogen and luteinising hormone (LH) increases, both of which cause body fat to rise. Luteinising hormone also increases the secretion of aldosterone, whose main function is to retain sodium in the body. As a result, water is easily retained in the body, causing water retention and edema.

Finding Your Perfect Training Schedule: A Comprehensive Overview of Beginner and Advanced Classes | Nuli Complete Classes Introduction and Comparison

Nuli's programs are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels based on their difficulty. If you have limited experience with plyometrics and are unfamiliar with many of the movements, we recommend choosing the beginner level. Additionally, if you have some past experience but have taken a break from exercising, the Beginner's Plan can help you ease back into a regular exercise routine and gradually return to an appropriate level of intensity.

Unlock the Secret to a Great Butt: Effective and Easy Hip and Leg Training with Warm-up, Scheduling, and Stretching for Newbies | Fitness Concepts

To check for an anterior pelvic tilt during squats, compare the position of the bottom edge of your ribs and the top edge of your pelvis to see if they are parallel to each other. Cross your arms over your waist at the softest part of your hip muscles and slowly move up to touch the bone at the bottom of your ribs and down to touch the bone at the top of your pelvis. Ideally, these two planes should be parallel. If they are not parallel, and your waist curve is too concave at this point, it indicates an anterior pelvic tilt.

How to Lose Weight with 10 Minutes Daily! Beginner’s Summer No-Impact Fitness Routine | Knee-Friendly Home Exercise Plan

When comparing barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, several differences and advantages come into play. Let's explore them Are you eager to start exercising but worried that it might be too intense for your heart if you're not used to it? With the pandemic keeping many people at home and leading to reduced physical activity, weight gain has become a concern. If you're looking to begin a simple exercise routine at home and have these concerns:

Tracking Fat Loss Progress: Combining Summer Fat Loss with Cardio and Avoiding Re-Gain. Normal Rates of Body Fat and Weight Loss per Month

First of all, it is crucial to understand that "fat loss" and "weight loss" are distinct concepts. Let's establish a fundamental understanding. Many individuals assert that the primary focus of weight loss is "calorie deficit." While it is true that achieving a calorie deficit is essential, it's important to note that solely maintaining a calorie deficit may result in weight loss rather than fat loss. For instance, aiming for a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories, which accumulates to 3500 calories per week, can lead to a weight loss of 1-2 kg per month, which falls within a reasonable range. However, it is vital to recognize that this approach may primarily lead to "weight loss" rather than targeted "fat loss."

Essential Guide for Pregnant Women and Mothers: Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Lazy Bag – Concepts, Movement Suggestions, and Important Notes

Do you feel too much pressure on your baby during pregnancy? Is there a risk of miscarriage if you carry heavy objects? Should pregnant women rest more and move less? This is a cultural misconception. If you reduce your activity during pregnancy and become overweight, you are at risk for gestational diabetes due to obesity. However, it is best to start exercising and eating well before you are ready to conceive, which will not only increase your chances of conceiving but also give your body enough strength to support your growing belly.

Top 7 Taiwanese Fitness Clothing Brands for Women in 2023: Influencer Favorites with Price and Style Comparisons

In addition to big brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Lululemon, Taiwan has many fashionable and unique fitness apparel brands. These brands not only showcase the pride of the Taiwanese textile industry, but also design for Asian body types, differentiating themselves from foreign brands. Below are a few recent IG users' favorites and high-discussion Taiwanese sportswear brands that often appear on the pages of major netizens.