How to claim the "CNY88" promo code?


This 12% off discount code applies to subscription on Nuli Website ONLY and does not apply to subscription on App Store nor Google Play Store.

Discount code will be available from 12am Thursday, 2/15 to 11:59pm Wednesday, 2/21.

Next, click the below button to see the instructions and claim your discount code!👇

I currently have a subscription from Nuli Website and hasn't cancelled the renewal.

Step 1

Go to Nüli Website-My Account and login into your account.

Please note you must login with the exact same method used in the app (Email/Google/Apple) or else it will not work.

If you are unsure which method you used to login to the app, please contact us.

Step 2

Please first check whether you are currently subscribed to the 12% off plan. If your future renewals already apply the 12% off discount, then there is no need to redeem again!

When you see there's a "CNY88" promo code highlighted in green shown in your "Next billing", it means that in your next renewal, the system will automatically apply the 12% off discount for you. In this case, you don't need to redeem again.
If your current subscription plan does not have a discount code applied, you will not see any "green" discount code wording or discounted price on the screen.

At this point, you can simply click the [🎁 Apply CNY88] button.

Next, you will see a "Congratulation" page, means that you have successfully redeemed the discount code! The system will automatically renew your subscription at a 12% off discount in your next billing cycle.
As long as you claim the discount code on the Website between 12am Thursday, 2/15 to 11:59pm Wednesday, 2/21, and does not cancel in the middle of your subscription, the discount code will be applied to every subscription renewal in the future!

© 2024 Nuli, LLC

© 2024 Nuli, LLC