How to claim the "CNY88" promo code?


This 12% off discount code applies to subscription on Nuli Website ONLY and does not apply to subscription on App Store nor Google Play Store.

Discount code will be available from 12am Thursday, 2/15 to 11:59pm Wednesday, 2/21.

Next, click the below button to see the instructions and claim your discount code!👇

I had a subscription from the Apple/Google app store but it has ended.

Step 1

Go to Nüli Website-My Account and login into your account.

Please note you must login with the exact same method used in the app (Email/Google/Apple) or else it will not work.

If you are unsure which method you used to login to the app, please contact us.

Step 2

Tap [Create Website Subscription] at the bottom of the page, then click on [🎁 Apply CNY88 ] button.

Step 3

Choose a subscription plan and the discount code "CNY88" will apply automatically.
Check and make sure the discount has been successfully applied, then tap [Next].

Step 4

Confirm existing payment information or add a new payment method you'd like to use.
Also, you will see a field shown as below. If you check the box, you will be able to purchase an additional one-year subscription at an 88% discount to gift to a friend!

💡This annual subscription gifted to your friend is one-time only, it will not automatically renew after one year expires.

Finally, you can review your billing details at the bottom of the page. After confirming the information, your credit card will then be charged.
💁🏻‍♀️ If you did purchase the additional one-time annual subscription to gift to your friend, you'll be able to fill out the gift recipient information for your friend in the final step.✨

Step 5

Next, you'll have the chance to explore the exclusive Fat Loss Diet Plan.
If you decide to purchase the dietary plan, the system will deduct the payment directly and send the email packed with the plan you purchased to your Nuli subscription mailbox.👍

If you don't wish to purchase any dietary plan, please skip this step.

Subscribe Completed

Finally, you will see the "All set!" page, means that you have successfully subscribed to the 12% off plan!🎉
💡If you've purchased the "12% off one-year subscription gift" for your friend, please click "Add Recipient's Details" on this page, as below, then fill in the information of the gift recipient. Once completed, the system will immediately send the one-time annual subscription you purchased to your friend!
💡If you've purchased any "Fat Loss Diet Plan," you'll find relevant information on this page, as shown in the image below. Just follow the instructions to receive the email in your inbox!
(If you don't see the email in your inbox, please also check your "Spam" or "Promotions" folders.)
As long as you claim the discount code on the Website between 12am Thursday, 2/15 to 11:59pm Wednesday, 2/21, and does not cancel in the middle of your subscription, the discount code will be applied to every subscription renewal in the future!
If you have purchased the NT$3,880 diet plan, please check your Nuli mailbox for an email titled「減脂飲食課程開通辦法」.This email will guide you on how to access the online platform for the diet plan and begin the course.
If you have purchased the NT$990 diet plan, please check your Nuli mailbox for an email titled 「開啟xxxx大卡減脂飲食菜單」.This email will directly attach the electronic file of the diet plan you purchased.
First of all, if you didn't provide your friend's gift recipient information during the purchase process, please check your Nuli subscription mailbox for an email titled "Congratulations on Gifting Wellness with Nuli!" In this email, you can provide the recipient details. Once you've provided accurate recipient information, your friend will receive a gift redemption email, allowing them to redeem the one-year free subscription.

© 2024 Nuli, LLC

© 2024 Nuli, LLC