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Pregnant women and mothers must read: Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Lazy Bag (exercise concepts, movement suggestions, notes)

Do you feel too much pressure on your baby during pregnancy? Is there a risk of miscarriage if you carry heavy objects? Should pregnant women rest more and move less? This is a cultural misconception. If you reduce your activity during pregnancy and become overweight, you are at risk for gestational diabetes due to obesity. However, it is best to start exercising and eating well before you are ready to conceive, which will not only increase your chances of conceiving but also give your body enough strength to support your growing belly.

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What should I do if I twist my ankle while exercising or have a swollen foot from running? This is a common sports injury and proper management during the acute phase is crucial.

Many people drink high-protein beverages after exercise, especially heavy exercisers. However, if you only supplement protein after exercise, the effect of muscle building may not be optimal because muscle synthesis requires the help of “insulin.” To promote muscle growth, you need to take high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates, such as bananas or sugary drinks, which can help secrete insulin faster.

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